Jody Jensen, November 10 2020

Another milestone. 250 cars donated.

Another milestone as we continue solving the transportation issues of those most in-need in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Car #250 went to a lady working with YWCA Cass Clay. Domestic violence was placing she and her daughter in a very dangerous situation.

Her abuser was her sole financial provider, so the YWCA first stepped in to help her secure safe and discreet housing. Next was employment. Having a college degree, opened many doors and she was quickly able to secure a job in the area.

Her only means of transportation to and from this new job was the local bus system. It didn't take long before her abuser began constantly stalking and harassing her at the bus stops and on the bus route. A vehicle was the next step.

With this generous gift of transportation, she and her daughter can travel safely to work, school and appointments, gaining her independence as well as personal security.Thanks to our volunteer teams that recently helped finish the needed repairs on this vehicle to get this lady out of harms way and on onto a path of self-sufficiency and safety.

A reminder that we are approaching our 4th Annual November Fundraising event. The generosity of our donors like you during this time enables us to purchase the parts needed to repair these vehicles. It would be impossible for us to continue putting these vehicles in the hands of these deserving individuals without this support.

God's blessings to you all!

Fix It Forward Ministry. Driven To Serve.

Written by

Jody Jensen

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