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Donate cars.

Donors like you are what make this Ministry possible, thank you for your generosity. We are looking for cars that do not require any major engine or transmission repairs. We are available at our either of our four Fix It Forward Auto Care shops located at 2620 2nd Ave. N Moorhead, 6219 53rd Ave. S. Fargo, 102 N. University Dr. Fargo or 1224 13th Ave. E. West Fargo between 8am and 6pm if you want to drop the car off or have us take a look.

If you decide to donate your car we will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation, and from you we will just need the car, keys, signed title and any lien release paperwork if applicable. The process should take around 10-15 min and we will take care of everything else from there.

If you are in need of assistance moving it, we can make arrangements, but it will take a little more time as we are entirely volunteer run and will have to coordinate schedules.

Some vehicles that are donated to us will be resold or salvaged if they are not practical vehicles for our clients (ie: two seaters or convertIbles) or have a high cost of ownership (some European vehicles). The money raised will then be used to buy parts for other repairable vehicles.

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Fantastic job guys !! God Bless you all on making our community a better place to live

Al J.