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Steven Ystebo, January 18 2024

Fix It Forward Ministry kicks off its 2024 Giving Hearts Day campaign.

Together, let's "Do More In '24".

Now through February 6th, early giving is available. Consider a gift this year. Your generosity will be used to make an impact in our community be helping solve the transportation issues of those most in need in Fargo-Moorhead.

Without reliable transportation, it is difficult to get or maintain a job, and without a job, it is hard to maintain your independence and dignity. As one might imagine, transportation issues are huge in our community and the need is overwhelming. Unlike many bigger cities, people often can’t just take a bus to work, school, or appointments because our public transit system has limited hours and locations. Additionally, utilizing public transportation can take hours. This creates challenges when trying to get kids to daycare and get to work. It is especially challenging for single parents.

Fix It Forward Ministry is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity. Their goal is to remove the transportation barrier for needy members of our community thus helping enable them to be independent and self-sufficient. This is accomplished in two ways. First by providing free car repairs to needy individuals, to help keep their vehicles on the road and safe. Second by repairing donated vehicles and giving them to needy members in our community who do not have a vehicle or whose vehicle is beyond repair. They utilize volunteer labor, discounted parts, and charitable donations to cover the costs of repairs.

Since 2015, Fix It Forward has donated over 450 vehicles and completed 950 free car repairs for people in need in Fargo-Moorhead. Thousands of lives have been impacted and hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic impact has gone back into the local economy. Fix It Forward Ministry, unfortunately, must turn down approximately 50% of requests for donated vehicles and repair services. This is due to a lack of resources, both human and financial. They want to do more! 

On average Fix It Forward Ministry gives away 70 donated vehicles a year with an average parts cost of $500. That equates to $35,000 per year. Additionally, the cost of parts for repaired vehicles would conservatively be at another 70 vehicles/$35,000 per year. 

For Fix It Forward to meet the ever-increasing need, a $70,000 Giving Hearts Day goal and the assistance of more volunteers would help them donate more vehicles and complete more free car repairs for those in need.

As part of a continual improvement program at Fargo, North Dakota-based Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), Giving Hearts Day arose in 2008 as a simple but unique fundraising concept: Around Valentine’s Day, ask people to show affection to not only people they love but charities, too. In the decade-plus since, the event has gone on to become one of the longest-running and most successful giving days in the country, providing a platform for North Dakota and northwest Minnesota charities to raise nearly $165 million.

It’s not just a day, though. It’s a year-round effort. Using skills taught by DMF and Fargo-based Impact, charities build a fundraising system that they put to use on Giving Hearts Day, the “Super Bowl” of giving in the Upper Midwest. It has become the region’s day to feed the hungry, nurture the elderly, and educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Thank you for your support.

Fix It Forward Ministry. Driven To Serve.

To make a donation, visit:

Written by

Steven Ystebo

Older Growing to meet the need. Fix It Forward Ministry hires two full-time team members.
Newer Car donation #455. Moving past her violent past.