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Steven Ystebo, January 15 2024

Car donation #454. Being present for his daughters.

Help us continue making an impact.

Giving Hearts Day is approaching. Early giving is underway.Consider a gift this year.

Car #454 has been donated! This vehicle went to a gentleman receiving services with ShareHouse, Inc.

He is looking to better his life and is attending Drug Court (once per week), working full time and in treatment three times per week at ShareHouse. He's attending recovery meetings in the community 2-3 times per week. Having reliable transportation will be so helpful in achieving his recovery goals.

He is active in his daughters' lives and being able to take them to school and school functions is important for both he and the girls. He is working at a job that's 2-3 miles from home. 

He also has health issues that he hasn't been able to address because he doesn't have reliable transportation. Utilizing a bike, especially in the harsh weather, is difficult and is not a viable option to continue towards self-sufficiency.

Thanks to our community partners, donors, and volunteers, the New Life Center Genesis Program crew for making many of the repairs needed on this vehicle. 

Additional thanks to Seventh Avenue Auto Salvage for help with parts on this vehicle.

And finally, our dedicated volunteer that decided to give back by donating their unused vehicle to our Ministry.

God's blessings.

ix It Forward Ministry. Driven To Serve.

Written by

Steven Ystebo

Older Car donation #453. Lifting up a Veteran.
Newer Growing to meet the need. Fix It Forward Ministry hires two full-time team members.