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Stephen Dorsey, January 15 2024

Car donation #453. Lifting up a Veteran.

Help us continue making an impact. Like today when we handed the keys to this deserving Veteran seeking independence and self-sufficiency.

Giving Hearts Day is approaching. Early giving is underway.Consider a gift this year.

Car #453 has been donated! This nice Durango went to a Veteran working with Cass County Veterans Services Office - Fargo, ND.

In his words: "Receiving a vehicle donation would have a huge impact on my life. I just started a new job and it would take a bit to properly save the money to be able to afford a newer vehicle.

I am currently having to either catch rides back in forth to work or spend extra money on a taxi. My goal is to return the vehicle back to the Ministry for another deserving member of our community once I have enough money to purchase another vehicle. Thank you for your continued support to Veterans."

We pray that this vehicle donation provides him the needed reliably and stability to keep moving forward in his life.

Thanks to our community partners, donors, and volunteers. Julie's Radio Ranch for repairs made to the instrument cluster on this vehicle. The New Life Center Genesis Program for volunteering their time to make many of the repairs needed on this vehicle and Seventh Avenue Auto Salvage for supplying some of the parts needed to repair this vehicle prior to donation.

Thanks for your support!

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Written by

Stephen Dorsey

Older Car donation #452. A motivated single mother.
Newer Car donation #454. Being present for his daughters.