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Steven Ystebo, January 11 2024

Car donation #452. A motivated single mother.

Help us continue making an impact!

Giving Hearts Day is approaching. Early giving is underway. 

Consider a gift this year.

Car #452. This vehicle went to a single mother working with Youthworks.

She has been part of our Bridges program through Youthworks for about a year and is currently without a car. She continues to maintain employment but is financially impacted by having to pay for taxis or Ubers to get herself to and from work. Due to the continued cost of transportation, she feels that she remains financially stuck when it comes to being able to purchase her own vehicle. This has also impacted her son's education.

Others have observed her son's physical and mental health decrease since beginning the Bridges program as she is unable to get him to and from medical appts that he needs. As a single mother, she continues to provide, but lack of transportation has greatly affected this family's overall well-being. 

This vehicle will be able to make it to and from work, transport her son to appointments, and the Bridges program as well as provide overall well-being for this mother and child. 

Many thanks to our volunteers, supporters and partners who come alongside us as we continue to solve the transportation issues of those most in need in Fargo-Moorhead.

God's blessings.

Fix It Forward Ministry. Driven To Serve.

Written by

Steven Ystebo

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