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Jeremy Jensen, January 2 2024

Car donation #451. Moving past abuse.

Happy New Year to everyone! A great way to end both the week and the year 2023 with a vehicle donation!

Car #451 has a new owner. This nice SUV went to a woman working with RACC of Fargo-Moorhead. She is currently raising two daughters by herself, as well as caretaking for her sick dad who she sees at least once per day. 

She has experienced extensive abuse, as well as ongoing grief from losing multiple family members within the last few years. She is actively searching for a new job and has a well thought out plan. She is coming to RACC as well as other community partners consistently to work on utilizing services and staying positive and self-sufficient. 

This vehicle will mean more independence, being able to take her children places instead of staying home all the time (including medical appointments) and being able to provide for herself and her family without turning to abusive people for support.

We pray for their stability and continued movement past their violent past.The is the final donated vehicle of 2023. We want to thank all of our individual volunteers, volunteer groups, partners, vendors and last our donors that made this a wonderful year. You all helped make an impacted many lives and family with donated vehicles and client owned vehicle repairs. 

Without everyone’s help, we couldn’t have made the impact we have with over 450 vehicles donated and over 900 repairs to individual own vehicles. We hope all of you have a wonderful new year, God bless!

Sincerest thank you!

Fix It Forward Ministry. Driven To Serve.

Help further our mission to solve the transportation issues of those most in need in Fargo-Moorhead. Your monetary donation will help purchase parts needed to make repairs on both donated and client vehicles.

Written by

Jeremy Jensen

Older Car donation #450. Seeking independence.
Newer Car donation #452. A motivated single mother.