Jody Jensen, August 25 2020

Support when it's most needed. Working with Best Christmas Ever (BCE)

Working with Best Christmas Gift Ever (BCE) we met a recipient facing a host of life challenges: sustaining life on a low-income, taking care of a young son battling cancer, facing the constant stress of mounting medical bills, and the worry of attaining reliable transportation to and from her son’s chemotherapy appointments. 

The donation and repair of a 1999 Ford Windstar allowed us to reach out and ensure that she did not have the added stress of finding reliable transportation and, in turn, this gift meant that she could  be beside her son during his much-needed medical appointments. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for your contributions in supporting this  family.  As family guys ourselves, we can’t imagine a happier ending...

... But wait, much like the story we shared in “Rotating Wheels” - just as you supported this recipient, she was able to purchase a newer car and donate the Windstar back to Fix-It-Forward Ministry so it could bless another one of our neighbors in the FM!

Written by

Jody Jensen

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