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Jody Jensen, August 25 2020

Rotating wheels. Car #200 was also car #76.

Twice Blessed! A former recipient re-donated car #76 (a Nissan Altima) to help another community member in need.  The new recipient is a single mom living with Mass Cell Activation Syndrome (an immune condition that can result in debilitating physical symptoms). This health condition forced her to leave her much-loved job as a teacher and, as the bills mounted, forfeit her car. We feel fortunate that our work, and the re-donation of car #76, could offer a gesture of community support – so, though she does not have family in the area, we hope that every time she drives car #200 she is reminded that she’s not alone. And we’re keeping her in our prayers.

This amazing celebration of car #200 also gave us a chance to reconnect with the recipient of car #76. Originally, this vehicle was given to a young woman working with the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center (RACC).  She was a single mother working to get back on her feet and a reliable vehicle was one component of supporting her bravery in leaving an unhealthy situation.  We were thrilled when she came back to us, almost two years later, and wanted to donate the car back to Fix It Forward Ministry so that it could help another member of our community.  We are proud of her strength, determination, and kindness!

Also, as we celebrated car #200, we had the opportunity to talk with car recipient #114.  

And, if you think that your donations and support have only a small impact on the lives of recipients… well, keep reading!

We asked this recipient if she remembered her car number (it’s a question that sometimes piques our curiosity).  She told us she would never forget that number: 114.  At the time, when she received a reliable mode of transportation from Fix It Forward Ministry, she was working with the RACC and making every effort possible to leave an abusive partner.  We had prayed that by owning a car of her own she could more freely navigate to a new journey filled with hope and safety.  As we talked with her, we were filled with thankfulness and joy.  

Speaking on behalf of Fix It Forward Ministry, we are proud of these courageous women and thankful to be a part of their journey toward health and safety (Proverbs 31:25). 

We want to thank – first, and foremost, God – but so too our community members, volunteers, recipients, sponsors, and donors for helping us make it to and celebrate the donation of car #200!

Written by

Jody Jensen

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